Maine Coast Heritage Trust staff stewards and naturalists have selected Clark Island as one of MCHT’s best preserves for spotting birds! Maine is home to a great many species of migratory birds and is located on the Atlantic flyway. Bring your binoculars and head out for a walk over the causeway onto Clark Island (or any other number of preserves nearby like the meadowlands above Weskeag Marsh). Be ready to spot first-of-the-season glimpses of warblers, vireos, orioles, flycatchers, and other seasonal visitors that have migrated north.

You’ll want to do a little homework—depending on the season, the tide, and other factors; you’re likely to see more or less wildlife. Check out which bird species have been spotted on Clark Island recently. As you watch for birds, listen for the frog breeding calls, a tell-tale sign that spring is here.

bird watching in maineAfter a morning of birding, you can refuel at The Causeway with an indulgent Sunday brunch before heading back out to do a little more birding along the Maine coast. At the end of a day of adventure, land in one of our relaxing inn rooms overlooking your birdwatching paradise.