Here at The Craignair Inn by the Sea, we’re often asked by guests of ours who’ve stayed with us in spring, summer, and/or fall what things are like come wintertime. While to some it might seem like the “off-season,” we certainly welcome plenty of guests in the winter, and indeed have more than a few that particularly seek us out this quiet—and shimmeringly beautiful—time of year.

There’s a whole lot of magic in a MidCoast Maine winter, along with some special tricks to staying safe and comfortable. Read on to learn more about what the season’s like in our neck of the woods!

MidCoast Maine in the Winter: The Basic Picture

When you imagine a cozy winter in Maine, images of unblemished snow drifts shining in the moonlight and your feet up with a good book by the fire probably come to mind. And you’d be right on track. 

Our location here in Spruce Head is set on the St. George Peninsula seashore in the heart of the MidCoast. The Atlantic Ocean, lapping on the icy shores right outside our front door, tends to have a moderating effect on the winter weather in coastal Maine. Winter here is significantly milder than in the Maine interior but still filled with the silent flurries, snow-capped trees, and sparkling ice that make a northeast winter such an awe to behold. On rare occasions, you can even catch the Northern Lights flashing on the horizon!

Breathtaking Winter Weather: How Much Snow Does Maine Get?

What about the white stuff? The coast of Maine collects about 50 to 70 inches of snow each year, and each snowstorm brings a different kind of joy. You could see a mix of light powder dustings, that great fluffy snowman stuff, big and heavy flakes, and crystalline icy layers that shine in the sun. Temperatures in the winter months here on the MidCoast tend to span between the teens and the mid-30s, depending on the time of day.

Coastal snowfall is often fairly light, but a “Nor’easter” could deliver 10 or more inches in a day — a great precursor to a skiing trip!

Maine in Winter is a Wonderland of Hygge

A winter getaway at The Craignair Inn by the Sea has many advantages, not least the serene sense of calm, absent the bustling crowds that flock to the MidCoast in peak summer tourism season. Winter guests relish the deep quiet and tranquility these months bring, and the piercing beauty of the snowy coastlands.

It’s a joy to romp on local trails on cross-country skis, snowshoes, or snowmobiles—and just as much of a joy to come back to the coziness of your guest room or suite, and enjoy a warming beverage at our Causeway Restaurant! Embrace the hygge of a toasty, relaxing stay at an authentic Maine inn, all nestled into the pristine snow banks and charming trees that dapple the coast.

The brisk salt air can be truly refreshing with a cup of steaming coffee or cocoa on our porch. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to double-check your cold-weather essentials before embarking on any wintertime Maine adventure. Make sure your vehicle is in good working order and stocked with supplies like jumper cables, warm blankets, and spare clothing. Plan ahead with the Maine weather forecast and aim to drive when the roads are clear of heavy snowfall, wintry mix, or freezing rain.

If you’re looking ahead to any sort of outdoor sightseeing (perhaps to the gorgeous lighthouses that dot the coast), your winter vacation in coastal Maine will be most comfortable with a few extra layers. We recommend packing long underwear, an insulating mid-layer, and a warm, waterproof coat as your outer shell. And don’t forget the warm hat, gloves/mittens, and a pair of insulated waterproof boots!

Experience the Magic of the Winter in Maine’s MidCoast at The Craignair InnSauna

From day trips to Camden Hills State Park or iconic lighthouses to the cosmopolitan pairing dinners offered at our outstanding Causeway Restaurant, there are loads of reasons to treat yourself to a winter getaway here at The Craignair Inn by the Sea. If you’ve never stayed with us this time of year, you’re in for a treat: We think you’re going to fall directly under the wintertime spell!

This year, we even have the fabulous Cedar Grove Sauna coming into our neck of the woods and staying on-site for the weekend of 12/15 and 12/16. Book a session directly from the mobile sauna’s website for a relaxing hygge experience to pair up with your room reservation for the same weekend at the Inn!